Marina Đorđević-Nikić, Ana Đorđević
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education; Institute of Neonatology, Belgrade, Serbia.

indent Abstract
Today, an increasing usage of stimulating substances, particularly of nutritive supplements, in sport and recreation presents a real problem. In order to determine prevalence of usage of various food supplements, which are presented as erogenous in sport and physical exercises, 89 students of the final year of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education were polled. 54% of the testees used to take supplements. 50% of girls and 58% of boys with regard to the overall number of testees used supplements. The prevailing substances were the following: vitamins 35%, proteins / amino acids 26%, kreatinin 245, minerals 19%, vitamin C 10% and glutamine 6,7%. The most frequent motives for the usage of these substances were: improvement of recovery, increase of body mass and immunity preserving. Nearly 60% of the students thinks that supplements are necessary in sport, while the majority (65%) thinks it is necessary in recreation. If they would become coaches of adolescents – athletes 21,3% of them would recommend protein supplements and even 65% kreatinin supplements. 9% of the students used to take substances pertaining to doping. Continuous education on the principles of regular nutrition of athletes, future P.E. teachers and coaches is necessary in order to develop good nutrition habits and preserve children's health.